Describe a current marketing campaign that uses sustainability as part of the message. It doesn’t have to be a “green” company, but rather any marketing campaign that you have seen where some form of sustainability is a major focus.

For example, Coca Cola partnered with World Wildlife Fund to protect polar bears: . Or, it could be the company itself like Method or Seventh Generation.

For this week you are simply trying to get a good idea of some campaigns out there and looking at companies that may interest you to write about for your case study. You want to briefly describe the campaign and then say why you are interested in it.

Throw out a couple of different ideas. As a class, we will give you feedback and I will help to direct you to select a company that will be suitable for writing a case study.

DO NOT use Patagonia, Nike. IKEA, YouthtothePeople, Starbucks, Levi’s,UNIQLO, Whole Foods, Seventh Generation, Tide, Apple, Ulta, Burt’s Bees, Urban Outfitters, Pura Vida.

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