Suzie, a fifteen-year-old girl, goes to the mall one day and is…

Suzie, a fifteen-year-old girl, goes to the mall one day and is approached by an eighteen-year-old boy, Danny, who tells her she is beautiful. This is the first time a boy has called her beautiful. In fact, in school she is often ridiculed and bullied by her peers. Danny asks for her number and calls her later on that same day. During the call, he asks to meet with her the next day. When Danny meets her, he brings her a gift and tells her she is special. They start to spend increasingly more time together, continually texting and calling each other in between their physical meetings. Suzie finds herself spending less and less time with her friends and family. She falls in love with Danny, who constantly showers her with attention and provides her with lavish gifts. As their “relationship” progresses, she is intimate with Danny. Shortly after, their relationship starts to change. Danny becomes angry with her for not immediately returning texts or missed calls. He also informs her of a very difficult situation he is experiencing in an attempt to explain the emo-tional outbursts. He tells her that he is in serious financial trouble. He then asks her to have sex with someone who he knows who would be willing to give him the money he needs. He assures her that it would only be this one time. Suzie reluctantly agrees, and he expresses his love and gratitude to her. After she engages in sexual intercourse with a stranger, he lavishes her with more affection and tells her how much he loves her. Danny then comes up with another story as to why he needs her to engage in sexual activities with another person. When she refuses, he threatens her with violence, and when this does not work, he physically abuses her until she complies.
1. What measures of control is the perpetrator using?
2. What can be done to prevent girls like Suzie from becoming a victim of human trafficking?

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