Tasks Prepare a cost estimate for the project. At the moment this…

Prepare a cost estimate for the project. At the moment this can be at a high level. Prepare a spreadsheet that includes the following costs:
One desktop PC for the OR manager’s office with a standard PC monitor.
One PC mounted on a mobile cart (such as the ones on www.flohealthcare.com or www.paritymedical.com). This computer will need to have a pair of medical monitors (such as the RadiForce range from www.eizo.com) so the surgeon can see two x-rays displayed side by side. This PC will also need a special infection control keyboard and mouse (also available from Parity Medical, for example) to minimize the dirt in the OR.
One PC with one medical monitor for each of the three new consulting rooms (making a total of five computers, five medical monitors and one ordinary monitor for the whole project).
Desks, mice, and mouse pads for each of the office-based new computers.
Software on each of the computers to provide internet access, word processing, spreadsheets and email (for example, Microsoft Office).
Software on each of the computers for orthopedic templating, such as OrthoView (www.orthoview.com).
A high-end laser printer and a fax machine for the OR manager’s office.
Four desk telephones that will be connected to the hospital telephony circuit.
Time for outsourced computer experts to install the computers, wireless network, and phones.
Maintenance costs over a three year period (assume 8% of purchase price).
Taxes. Assume a rate of 17.5% for the UK Value Added Tax.
Time for one (or more) outsourced trainers to run one-to-one sessions with 15 staff to show them the new orthopedic templating software. Assume a total of four hours of training for each staff member, which equates to 60 training hours. Assume a rate of $115 per hour for the trainer.
Do not include costs for the staff to attend the training.

P.S If the links do not work, please just look at google. Prices do not need to be precise. I just want a rough estimation. Just a simple estimation for all of these will do. No need to dive deep for its prices and etc. Assume as much as you want when it comes to it except for taxes and rates. Thank you so much!

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