The Conflict Between People – We are living in times of great conflict

Laguardia Community College The Conflict Between People Question
1) We are living in times of great conflict, conflict in politics and economics and in the classroom at times. It can be hard to think of another way to respond than with more fighting. Please watch the 15 minute TED talk below. Then please write a paragraph (several sentences) in the discussion board about what thi speaker is suggesting as an alternative response and whether you think can be useful in our world today or not and why or why not. This is a completely optional assignment that you can do for 4-6 extra credit points added on to one of your grades this semester. You have until Dec. 2nd to do this assignment if you wish to do it. 1.
2) Please write 1.5-2 pages answering the following questions. What are the central aspects of Heraclitus’ and Parmenides’ philosophy? Why is Heraclitus often identified as philosopher of change and Parmenides described as philosopher of sameness? What are some of the figures, metaphors, and topics that they most focus on in their ideas? Do not use any sources other than the ones I have included in this segment and do NOT use any verbatim quotes. As before, use 12-point font and double-spacing. You do not need a citation style because you should not use any quotes. Email me with any questions.

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