The following prompts are intended for brainstorming and laying…

The following prompts are intended for brainstorming and laying down a foundation for your
essay. It is likely that the structure and depth of these ideas will evolve as you continue the
drafting process, so don’t worry about turning these responses into paragraphs yet.
A. Write everything you know about “Monster Culture (Seven Theses)” so far without needing
to do outside research. Imagine that you are writing for someone who has not read “Monster
Culture.” What would they need to know about it before reading your analysis of it? What is
Jeffrey Jerome Cohen’s rhetorical situation (including his audience, context, purpose, and
B. The goal of this essay is to eventually develop a thesis statement that argues for your
identification and analysis of Cohen’s strongest writing choices. For now, write one
pattern that you have noticed from reading “Monster Culture” so far. Remember that a “pattern”
can include elements of the rhetorical triangle (ethos, logos, and/or pathos), usage of
rhetorical or literary devices, or any other writing choice that stands out to you. Show your
reader 1 – 2 examples of this pattern using quotations from the text.
C. Spend time close reading the quotation(s) that you chose for the previous prompt. How do the
writing choices in your chosen quotation(s) impact Cohen’s audience? What is the relationship
between Cohen’s writing choice and the meaning of his sentence(s)? Why would this choice be
especially effective at conveying his idea(s) to convince his audience?

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