The New Deal Response to the Great Depression

The New Deal Response to the Great Depression
The New Deal
The New Deal provided a series of policies and programs that attempted to mitigate the impacts of the Great Depression These policies and programs, and the powerful impacts they had on poverty in the US, continue to shape debates about the how to recover from the recurring and cyclical crises of the US economy The New Deal policies and programs provide a dramatic contrast for subsequent investments in the alleviation of poverty in the US However, while the New Deal profoundly altered the social landscape, it nonetheless remained firmly entrenched by the structures of white supremacy that are foundational for the US The New Deal helped to reconfigure, rather than redress, structural patterns of racialized inequality
REQUIRED READING (links below or “Week 6” folder here): New Deal and Great DepressionLinks to an external site. Was The New Deal Racist?Links to an external site. How the US Government Segregated the CountryLinks to an external site. New Deal Enforcement of SegregationLinks to an external site. Denial of Promise to Black VeteransLinks to an external site.
REQUIRED VIEWING: After reviewing and reflecting on all of the assigned materials on the previous page of this week’s module, compose an essay that completes all of the tasks according to the rubric below.
You must clearly demonstrate that you reviewed and reflected upon ALL of the module and materials in your essay response. Make clear and explicit reference to ALL of the assigned materials (articles, videos, etc.), with minimal but necessary summary–the bulk of your essay should by your own reflection and analysis of the materials according to the prompts. Provide proper attribution and citation in a clear and consistent fashion Do not simply copy and paste or block quote–your essay needs to be primarily your own analysis, in your own words, with clear and explicit reference to ALLof the assigned materials from this week.
1). What were the specific policies and programs of the New Deal, and how did they respond to poverty?
2). Explain how the New Deal contributed to the ‘racialization of space’ (phrase is from the PBS video)
3). Describe the contradictory impacts and legacy of the New Deal response to poverty and inequality.
4). Respond to at least two of your classmates.

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