The Occupy Wall Street Movement – The Occupy Wall Street Movement is

GCCCD The Occupy Wall Street Movement Question
Question 1 The Occupy Wall Street Movement is a current Social Movement in the U.S. Take a few minutes to review the following links to familiarize yourself somewhat with the movement: Occupy Wall Street About PageLinks to an external site.
Map: Occupy Wall Street, a global movement Links to an external site.
Occupy Wall Street In American History: An Interview With NYU Professor Robert Cohen
First discuss what type of movement this movement is and briefly define the movement type that you choose. The options are:
Reform movement
Revolutionary movement
Religious movement
Alternative movement
Resistance movement
Now, think about the theories explaining social movements. Discuss which theory best applies to this movement and why. Be sure to give a brief description/definition of the theory. The social movement theory choices are:
Relative Deprivation Theory
Resource Mobilization, and
Frame Analysis
Then discuss how society has changed from before the movement to now, if at all.
Remember to give a brief description of the theory and movement type that you chose first.
Question 2 Think about the concepts/topics that we have discussed in class. Choose the one that spoke to you the most and do the following:
Define and explain the concept
Discuss why it is important and how it impacts society
Discuss why it spoke to you the most

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