The post must have at least one APA-style citation and reference….

The post must have at least one APA-style citation and reference. (300-400 words)
Choose one of the following prompts to answer in your primary post.
Find a recent research article that examines the various social factors that may predispose a juvenile to commit crime. Summarize the articles findings, and what how it contributes to our understanding of juvenile offending and how it should be addressed.
Interview a professional who works directly with juveniles. This can be a juvenile probation officer, law enforcement, juvenile court judge, child protective worker, and so on. Inquire what their perspective is on what causes juvenile delinquency. Summarize your conversation in your post.
Select a recent juvenile crime article from a local newspaper or Internet news source (within the last month or two). Summarize the event and then define and apply one criminological theory that fails to explain the type of offense involved. Be sure to provide a hyperlink to the article and integrate facts from it to support your argument.

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