The Second Reconstruction The Great Society and the War on Poverty

The Second Reconstruction, “The Great Society”, and the War on Poverty
In the 1950s and 1960s, the US continued its economic expansion following the end of WWII that we discussed in the previous module
As we’ve previously identified, this expansion of wealth followed familiar patterns of inequality and racism
American capitalism reached new heights, allowing many to access and aspire to a new ‘middle class’ suburban lifestyle
Yet this segregated and suburbanized wealth concentrated and deepened urban poverty and racism
While LBJ’s “war on poverty” tried to shift policy and perception concerning the public response to poverty and inequality in the US, at the same time, the US was expanding its investment in the invasion of Vietnam and war on the popular communist government that had liberated the country from the brutalities of colonialism–take note of the contrast between the US investment in war and military industries vs. its response to poverty
Be sure to take note of how familiar patterns of white supremacist terror and the racialization of poverty worked together during this period
Be sure to also not the spatial patterns taking shape, i.e., suburbanization, urbanization, and deindustrialization
REQUIRED READING (links below or Week 7 folder here): The Great SocietyLinks to an external site. Second and Third ReconstructionsLinks to an external site. “Culture of Poverty”Links to an external site. Red Scare and the Civil Rights MovementLinks to an external site.
After reviewing and reflecting on all of the assigned materials on the previous page of this week’s module, compose an essay that completes all of the tasks according to the rubric below.
You must clearly demonstrate that you reviewed and reflected upon ALL of the module and materials in your essay response.
Make clear and explicit reference to ALL of the assigned materials (articles, videos, etc.), with minimal but necessary summary–the bulk of your essay should by your own reflection and analysis of the materials according to the prompts.
Provide proper attribution and citation in a clear and consistent fashion
Do not simply copy and paste or block quote–your essay needs to be primarily your own analysis, in your own words, with clear and explicit reference to ALLof the assigned materials from this week.
1). What were the specific policies and programs of the Great Society, and how did they respond to poverty?
2). Explain what is meant by the ‘second reconstruction’, and how it was defeated or failed. 3). How did the expansion of civil rights fail to address racism and poverty in the US?
4). What role did police play in this period, and how did their power expand?
5). Respond to at least two of your classmates.

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