Theoretical Perspectives on Family gives a little more detail

Theoretical Perspectives on Family gives a little more detail about the functionalist…..
Theoretical Perspectives on Family
Actions gives a little more detail about the functionalist and conflict theories on family. Read it before continuing. Be aware that some of this information is new and not presented in the textbook, although this document was already available in the Family lesson. Your paper should be based on the theories as discussed in Theoretical Perspectives on Family. This is a comparison and contrast essay between functionalist and conflict views on family as a social institution. The following video may help you structure your paper. You can click “Tutoring” in the left menu to get help from Cuyamaca’s tutoring center.This assignment will give you another opportunity to illustrate your knowledge and understanding of the course concept of family and how it relates to the real world, especially your personal world. When writing the paper think of how you would explain or teach these concepts to someone who has never heard of them and/or how you would present them in front of a class like this one. How would you describe the concepts to them? What examples would you use to illustrate the concepts. Read the guidelines below for how to approach this activity.
Review the functionalist perspectives on family from Theoretical Perspectives of Family
Define/describe the four key functions of family.
Apply and discuss the four key functions to your family of orientation (the family you grew up in) or family of procreation (your spouse and/or children), and
give examples from your family to illustrate the functions.
Define and/describe the Conflict theory on family and apply it to your family.
Finally, compare and contrast the theories and discuss which theory, functionalism or conflict theory, is better for explaining the purpose and role of family in society and why.

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