Think about the important concepts of Ethics and Corporate Social…

Think about the important concepts of Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility discussed this week. After reading Chapter 2, watch the Ethics and Social Responsibility video in the week 2 folder and then respond to this discuss question.
Part 1: Do you agree or disagree with this statement below?
Business leaders should not focus on profitability only. They also need to be concerned about the welfare of their workers, the consumers they serve, and the society as a whole.
Choose a side, (agree or disagree) and write your response in about 150 words. Remember to include real world examples in your response.
Part 2: Soft Skill – Emotional Intelligence
Click on WileyPlus link the left hand menu here on blackboard. From that page, click on “Wiley Course Resources” and you will see the resources for each chapter of the textbook.
From the same Course Resources page, scroll all the way down to the soft skills section.
Open “Module 2: Emotional Intelligence”. There are three sections (section 2.1 to 2.3) with content and videos on Emotional Intelligence.
Pick whichever section attracts you the most. Read the content and watch the videos in that section selected. If there is any activity in that section, complete it.
After that, share a summary of what you learned with the class in this discussion forum. Minimum of 100 words will be fine for this.
To respond to this DQ, click on ‘Week 2: Discussion Question 2′ above and create a thread to type your answer. Remember to answer both parts 1 and 2.
Responses to all DQs are due at 11:59 pm on Sundays.
To receive the full mark of 2%, you need to post your own answer and then post a comment to at least one other student’s response. Comments to other students’ post should add value to the discussions. Comments such as ‘I agree’ or ‘well done’ are not acceptable.

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