This discussion concerns Chapter 14, specifically the different…

This discussion concerns Chapter 14, specifically the different kind of conditions that are explained within the chapter. Please review the following prior to participating in this discussion:
Chapter 14 of your textbook, specifically, Section 14-1 and Concept Summary 14.3 (with the understanding that conservatees are legally considered mentally incompetent).
According to the California Courts’ website Links to an external site., a conservatorship may be ended if the conservatee (formerly Spears) becomes able to handle his/her/their own affairs, doesn’t have any more assets, dies, the court removes the conservator, the conservator dies, or the conservator resigns. Ms. Spears was released from the conservatorship in 2021.
In your initial post, please respond to the following, in addition to replying to two different classmates:
Did Ms. Spears have the ability to enter into a contract while she was in the conservatorship?

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