Tips for Effective Communication.

For this assignment, you will be designing a creative presentation that outlines your Top 10 Tips for Effective Communication.

The learning materials for this week discuss many more than 10 aspects of effective communication, you should present the ones you feel are most important for managers to remember and adhere to. You may use any format of your choice: You can make videos at Prezi Video, Powtoons or YouTube, Glogster is an excellent site for making interactive posters–you can even embed YouTube videos that demonstrate your point, you may create posters at Piktochart or Canva, or of course PowerPoint is always a trusted format. The format choices are endless, however, your submission must be an original work of your own design. In your presentation, you should:

  • Include your Top 10 Tips for Effective Communication
  • Define or describe each of your communication tips. Use interesting graphics or images to help support your point (for example–funny memes or cartoons, email or text message fails, GIFs, short videos). This is a creative presentation, the point is to diverge from the traditional ‘words on paper’ approach. Have fun with it!
  • Give an example of how managers and/or employees can implement each tip to support effective communication
  • You ARE NOT required to cite an outside source in your presentation. However, you should provide a citation or include a URL where you retrieved the creative work of others that you include in your presentation. Be mindful of copyright issues.

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