To help you analyze LGI so that you can make


To help you analyze LGI so that you can make recommendations to reverse the trends, you receive an Excel workbook containing the following:

Prices and quantities of LGI’s product

After plotting a supply/demand graph and calculating elasticity, submit your team’s initial findings.

Complete the analysis calculation for the project:

Download the Project 2 Excel workbook, click the      Instructions tab, and read the instructions.
Draw a supply and demand graph and calculate      elasticity.
If you would like instructor feedback on this step,      follow the instructions in the Take Action box below to submit your Excel      file to the Assignments folder as a milestone by the end of Week 3. This      is optional. If you choose to submit the milestone, you will receive      instructor feedback on the milestone submission. To distinguish the      milestone submission from the file you will submit at the end of Project      2, label your file as follows: P2­_milestone_lastname_Calculation_date.

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