Topic: “Private organization digitalization of “Elevator…

Topic: “Private organization digitalization of “Elevator Industry”
Here is the Chapter-wise content breakdown:
Executive Summary / Abstract (This section should be around 2 pages)
1. Introduction
1.1 Background (give general details, supported with reference + rationale (motivation) of why you want to study this
1.2 Problem Statement
1.3 Research Question
1.4 Aim
1.5 Objectives
1.6 Strategic significance – (mention significance to business, significance to academia)
2. Literature Review
2.1 Theoretical Studies – talk about any relevant theory related to learning
2.2 Conceptual Studies – explain the concepts of the dissertation
2.3 Empirical Studies – from other research journals
2.4 Research Gap
3. Methodology (you can look up “Research Onion” for help with this chapter)
3.1 Research Philosophy
3.2 Research Approach
3.3 Research Strategy
3.4 Time Horizon
3.5 Data – collection methods – target sample, sampling size, sampling technique
3.6 Reliability and validity
3.7 Ethical Considerations
4. Finding and Discussions (you can add sub-headings as relevant to your findings)
4.1 Difference between findings and discussion
4.2 Findings: directly report the data collected, trends, patterns, etc.
4.3 Discussion: compares your findings with from literature review
5. Conclusion
5.1 Summary
5.2 Recommendations
5.3 Limitations
5.4 Areas of Future Research
5. Reference and Appendix

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