True or False ( Please put it in order from 26, 27, and so on)

True or False ( Please put it in order from 26, 27, and so on)
26/ Because it is fairer than the excessive progressive tax rate, the full progressive tax rate is commonly introduced in many taxation systems in many countries.
27/ VAT paid by bank branches and insurance company branches scattered throughout the country are attributed to the central government of China.
28/ Bilateral tax treaty is helpful for resolving disputes arising from the interaction of contracting states’ tax system.
29/ At present, China successively concluded the treaties for the prevention of double taxation and the prevention of tax evasion with respect to taxes on income with less than 100 countries or regions.
30/ The term “international tax law” refers to the overriding international law of taxation.
31/ For a new product, its value-added amount is equal to the tax-free price paid by the consumer.
32/ Zero rating applies for cross-border taxable activities and domestic taxable activities, and be applicable both to general taxpayers and small-scale taxpayers.
33/ For the general taxpayers, a zero rating is more favorable than a VAT exemption.
34/ Excise Tax is administered by the offices of state taxation administration ( STA), the Excise Tax on imports is also collected by STA.
35/ If the sales amount and sales volume have not been accounted for separately or if the taxable consumer goods with different tax rates are combined into a whole set of consumer goods for sales, the higher tax rate shall apply.
36/ Just the importation of goods needs to pay the Customs Duty.

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