True or False ( Please put it in order starting from 37, 38, and so…

True or False ( Please put it in order starting from 37, 38, and so on )
37. The calculation of Vessel Tonnage Tax is only based on the next tonnage of the taxable ship.
38. As long as a taxpayer pays Value-Added Tax or Excise Tax, he should pay the Urban Maintenance and Construction Tax Accordingly.
39. Corporate/ Enterprise Income Tax is a turnover tax since it is levied on sales.
40. Tax loss-carry-forward and tax credit are both applied directly to Corporate/ Enterprise Income Tax payable.
41. For Individual Income Tax, the tax year of China equals to accounting year and equals to calendar year.
42. The sole objective of the reform of “The Individual Income Tax Law of PRC is aimed at raise more government revenue.
43. The Resource Tax is mainly levied for adjusting differential income derived from resources.
44. Taxpayers shall truthfully handle tax returns in accordance with the law and shall be responsible for the authencity and integrity of the returns
45. In China, Deed tax is subject to a national flat tax rate of 5%.
46. Urban and Township land use tax refers to a tax levied by the state on units and individuals using land within the limits of cities, countires, administrative towns, and industrial and mining areas, based on the actual land area occupied and calculated according to the prescribed tax amount.
47. Only organizations and individuals who possess and operate vehicles or vessels in China need to pay the Vehicle and Vessel Tax.
48. If there are ore than two parties to a contract, only two parties need to pay Stamp Tax.
49. If the nationality of the taxable ship is the People’s republic of China, the preferential tax rates of Vessel Tonnage Tax shall be applied.
50. According to the tax law, the producers of tobacco ( including air-fried tobacco and roasted tobacco ) within the territory of China are the payers of tobacco tax.

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