Using InDesign program

logo design question and need guidance to help me learn.

Design Project 1: Music/Movie posters OBJECTIVE: The purpose of this assignment is for students to understand how the use of varying styles of typefaces can convey meaning. ASSIGNMENT: Students are to design a poster advertisement for a movie or a band/musician. Students may use only type in the creation of the advertisement. The type should match the spirit of the band or movie, but may not replicate an existing piece of work. You must use a real movie or musician. TECHNICAL SPECS: 17″×11″ white paper (vertical). Bleeds allowed, but not required. Turn assignment in as a InDesign package to Design Project
1 Assignment folder on Blackboard. Name files and your folder Lastname_Firstname_DP1. You must turn in all documents as named for cred.
Requirements: 6

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