Using your book, The Writer’s Practice , please do the exercise on…

Using your book, The Writer’s Practice, please do the exercise on page 3.
Once you have completed your instructions, please read pages 4 – 10 with particular attention to pages 4 and 5.
Please send me a couple of paragraphs detailing your experience with pages 3 – 5. You do not have to send me your instructions; rather, I want you to reflect and comment on the ideas that Warner mentions on pages 4 and 5. Tell me briefly about your first attempt at the instructions and your reactions to — or answers to — the questions and points that Warner makes.
Know that your relative success or failure at the instructions is not the point of this quick assignment. The practice of reflection constitutes an important habit for your success as a learner/thinker/writer. All of your papers will require reflection and revision, so let’s use this short assignment to get you started on that habit!

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