Vocabulary/Important People : On a separate sheet of paper define…

Vocabulary/Important People: On a separate sheet of paper define the vocabulary terms and identify the importance of the people below. *Try this without looking the terms up, it helps you study if you try it on your own first.

Dichotomous Key Phylogeny Evolution Charles Darwin Linneaus
Binomial Nomenclature Homologous Structure Analogous Structure Vestigial Structure
Fossil Record

Comparative Embryology Biogeography Molecular Biology Transitional Organism Anatomy
Common Ancestor

Concept Map: write or design a concept map (Example below) to identify how the vocabulary terms and people are related within this unit. For each line describe how the items are related. This is an excellent way to study! The more connections and better descriptions you have the more you understand the concept. THIS IS REALY IMPORTANT
Key Concept 1: Patterns of Evolution
EVO 1.1(a) Use scientific evidence to justify a claim of an evolutionary relationship between species.
EVO 1.1(b) Describe shared
characteristics (homologies) among organisms that provide evidence for common ancestry
EVO 1.2(a) Create or modify models to illustrate evolutionary relationships.
EVO 1.2(b) Use models of evolutionary relationships to describe and/or analyze how different species are related.

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