We need to discover the precise relationship between absorbance at…

We need to discover the precise relationship between absorbance at 595nm in the Bradford Assay and concentration of protein in our sample. We need to generate a standard curve that describes this relationship. The best-fit line on this curve will allow us to convert the absorbance readings that we find for our milk samples into amounts of protein.
1. Obtain seven plastic microcentrifuge tubes and label their lids 1-7 with a sharpie pen.
2. You will be provided with a stock solution of BSA that is at a concentration of 100 (microgram) ug/mL. Each one of your
seven microfuge tubes needs to get a different amount of BSA (as shown below). Calculate the volume of
stock BSA solution to be added to each tube and then add that amount of BSA.
1. no BSA (blank)
2. 0.3 ug BSA
3. 1 ug BSA
4. 3 ug BSA
5. 6 ug BSA
6. 10 ug BSA
7. 25 ug BSA
So, you have a solution of BSA that is 100 ug/ml. The key part of the
question is, what volume of this solution would contain 0.3 ug of BSA?
(or 1 ug, 3 ug, 6 ug… for the other tubes.)

There are a number of ways you could approach this. The
easiest way is to realize that 100 ug/ml means that 1 ml contains 100 ug
of BSA. Then, what volume would contain only 0.3 ug of BSA?

Once you get the volumes of BSA you need, remember that you want the
FINAL volume of each tube to be 600 ul. So, don’t forget to determine
how much water you’re going to need to add to your BSA to get there.

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