Week 1 Assignment In your textbook Business Research Methods 9th


Week 1 Assignment 

In your textbook Business Research Methods 9th edition: 

-Analyze and answer Chapter 1 Questions for review and critical thinking: 

1. Is it possible to make sound managerial decisions without business research? What advantages does research offer to the decision-maker over seat-of-the-pants decision-making? 

2. Define a marketing orientation and a product orientation. Under which strategic orientation is there a greater need for business research? 

3. Name some products that logically might have been developed with the help of business research. 

-Analyze and answer Chapter 1 Research Activities: 

1. ‘NEt Suppose you owned a jewelry store in Denton, Texas. You are considering opening a second store just like your current store. You are undecided on whether to locate the new store in another location in Denton, Texas, or in Birmingham, Alabama. Why would you decide to have some research done before making the decision? Should the research be conducted? Go to http://www.census.gov. Do you think any of this information would be useful in the research? 

 The assignment must have at least 500 words and be written in APA style. The assignment must have at least 3 external references with corresponding in-text citations. 

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