Week 6 Assignment – Develop Logical Data Models

Week 6 Assignment- Develop Logical Data Models
Develop logical data models for the following:
Data model #1
A patient can make multiple appointments to see a provider, but an appointment can only be associated with one patient visit.
Data model #2
A specific patient visit can be associated with only one provider (such as a nurse, or physician).
For both data models:
A specific patient visit can be associated with multiple services (such as a physician visit, laboratory test, and other evaluation).
Patient attributes include: medical record number, date of birth, last name, first name, gender.
Appointment attributes include: appointment date, appointment time, and primary provider.
Visit attributes include: visit date, visit time, provider, and services.
Data Architecture Documentation Techniques and Tools
Figure 6.19. Logical data model example
Clinic Department Provider PK Clinic ID PK Dept ID PK Provider ID Clinic Name Street_Address +O-has / is part of+ HO has / is of —+ City Dept_Name Phone_Number Clinic ID Provider_LN Provider_FN License_No FK1 Dept_ID State FK1 Zip Code Phone_Number has , is of Patient Appointment PK MRN PK Appt ID Patient_LN Patient_FN DOB Street_Address O—- has / is of— Date Time Provider_ID FK1 FK2 MRN City State Zip Home_Phone Gender L. Johns

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