Weekly Ssignment

business question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.

Perform research on an applied case, journal, or article involving this week’s topic (Bonds and Stocks Valuation). Then participate in a group discussion by providing a short write-up connecting the case with concepts learned.
You can access research cases or papers in related manners, it can be a peer-reviewed article or journal.
The length is two APA pages. Master-level quality is expected
This learning activity is a graded assignment using rubrics (Attached).It must be submitted by the deadline to get full credit. Keep in mind the FNU policy on plagiarism and make sure to cite your sources correctly.
I need report an a discussion on this assignment. Two apa pages for the report and 250 words on the discussion reply towards a classmate.

Research MUST come from library, link below and access instruction attached. Please, also make sure to follow rubrics guidelines (Also attached).
LINK: https://proxy.lirn.net/FLNatlUniv

Requirements: Two APA pages for report and 250 words for discussion reply

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