What Causes Dreaming?

What Causes Dreaming?

Formal writing Assignment, I-Search Topics (minimum 750 words; maximum 1000 words). Discuss I-Search Topics in general and your topic in particular.

My topic is “What causes dreaming?”

Address All of the following questions:

1.) Which Sample I-Search Final Draft papers “grabbed” you? Why? Did reading these sample papers affect your own topic choice? (The attachment is here called “I-Search Paper ”)

2.) What is YOUR I-Search topic and why did it choose you?

3.) Why–and how–will you avoid any instances of plagiarism in your I-Search paper?

4.) What “modes of development” might you use in your I-Search paper? (Compare & Contrast, Cause & Effect, Definition, Process Analysis)

5.) Include at least one direct quote from one of the Sample Papers. Use an in-text citation to document the quote.

6.) Provide a References Page: list each sample paper you cited in the text of your paper.

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