what is self awareness and Self-awareness is the key to career…

what is self awareness and Self-awareness is the key to career success. Using a range of relevant literature (both academic and professional sources), choose 2 of the core topics we have studied in leadership and explore and critically evaluate why it is important for leaders and managers to develop in these areas for their successful career development.
You must include the following in your essay:
A definition of self-awareness and an explanation of why it is important to the development of leadership and/or management capability.
Identify 2 of the core module topics from the following: giving and receiving feedback, values, learning to work in a team, emotional intelligence, cultural intelligence, personality, motivating self and others, leadership and management, and explain their importance to the development of a manager’s or leader’s self-awareness.
as someone who would like to one day become the ceo of a firm what would An overview of the context the ceo position /profession/industry/sector with a focus on why i need to develop in the topics you have selected in order to succeed in this chosen sphere of work.
A self-analysis identifying your strengths and weaknesses across the range of interpersonal and intrapersonal skills relevant to your target profession/industry/sector. how can this statement you be drawn from both academic and professional sources together with the results of toolkits and/or psychometric texts you have completed during the course of this module, including those related to your topics of exploration in Part A.
Based on your self-analysis in Part B outline three areas for development – aligned with your discussion in Parts A and B – which will enable you to bridge the gap between where you are now and where you need to be in the future to ensure career success in your target profession/industry/sector.

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