What was the meaning of the Black Panther slogan “Guns and Butter.”…

What was the meaning of the Black Panther slogan “Guns and Butter.”
Jelani Cobb said, “There has always been a double vision of America. America as a land of opportunity and also as a land that has a rigid racial hierarchy.” Angela Glover Blackwell said, “In the 70s, we really had a tale of three cities.”
What do they mean by this, and how has this impacted the African American community?
Do you think this “tale of three cities” and “double vision” persisted throughout the 80s, 90s, and today?
Have circumstances changed much for African/Black Americans with what they have been through past and present?
Look at the people as a whole, not the “token” or select few.
To make amends for the past and present experiences while promoting healing, what three immediate actions should be taken to address what you would consider most effective and efficient in creating long-term change and improving the African/Black American population?
Explain issues or situations you see the African/Black American community dealing with or existing in this nation’s future.

Must be in first person

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