differential equations writing question and need guidance to help me learn.

(The answers are provided so you can check your work. Full solutions will be available in the solutions module after the due date.)
This worksheet is a completion assignment. 10 points (all or nothing)
To earn the 10 points, you must:
Attempt the required number of problems, showing detailed work
Submit your work on time
Your answers do not need to be correct to get credit for this worksheet.
No work = No credit.
If you have a printer, please print the document. No work space has been provided for this exam. Write your multiple choice answers on the printed copy. If you are using a tablet, you may use a virtual version. If you not have a printer, you may use your own paper.
Clearly label all your work, step by step. Circle or box in your final answers and the corresponding letter from the multiple choice selections.
Attach your work to this assignment. (Pdfs are preferred but other attachment types will be accepted.)
Check out pdf scanner, cam scanner or other phone apps that will make this process easier by combining several pages into one document. PDF scanner works will with Canvas.
Requirements: 400

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