writing question and need a sample draft to help me learn. Since this is final

writing question and need a sample draft to help me learn.

Since this is final discussion board for the course, I would like for it to be more open-ended than the previous ones. In short, I would like for you to choose your own topic for another 350-500-word post to the class. The one restriction is that you focus on one or two of the last three works: Crimes of the Heart, ‘night, Mother, and Driving Miss Daisy. You can focus on either the play or the film, or you can craft another comparison/contrast post that focuses on both the play and the film. You might also choose to compare a feature of two plays or their film adaptations. What follows is a list of tips for success.
(1) Tackle a challenging topic that will enable you to comment on how the author or authors deal with a significant idea or problem such as family disintegration, aging, suicide, gender norms, class restrictions, and racial discrimination.
(2) Select a topic that you feel confident writing about. I along with your classmates will be reading to see how well you set up your topic and narrow your focus. My overviews to these three plays contain a number of questions that might generate ideas for a post, but do not feel that you have to stick to my interests.
(3) Cite passages and/or scenes to illustrate your point and be sure to discuss the implications of the passages you site.
(4) Give your post a title that reflects your central concern–for example, “The Legacy of Suicide in Beth Henley’s Crimes of the Heart.”
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