You are an engagement manager of the auditor of Princeton Pty Ltd, which is involved

You are an engagement manager of the auditor of Princeton Pty Ltd, which is involved in the manufacture of medical equipment. One of the directors of Princeton has requested that you perform a review of the internal controls within the purchases and payments cycle of the company’s operations. From your discussions with management and staff you ascertain that the company is a small operation, operates from one location in Sydney, and only has the following staff:
five directors (one of whom, the CEO, is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the company)
a warehouse manager
an assistant to the warehouse manager
a secretary/receptionist
an accounts receivable clerk
a banking clerk
an accounts payable clerk
three machinery operators who are involved in the manufacturing process.
The warehouse manager also looks after orders from any supplier and will usually telephone a number of suppliers to obtain quotes. The warehouse manager will then order from one of these suppliers by telephone and confirm the order by facsimile. The only documentation kept is the facsimile confirmation of the order, which is kept by the warehouse manager.
Once an order has been confirmed, the warehouse manager will complete a purchase order (PO). The warehouse manager keeps one copy of the PO and the other is forwarded to the accounts payable clerk, who files it in date order.
When goods are received at the warehouse, the warehouse manager checks the goods received to the delivery note attached to the goods and signs the delivery note as evidence of this check. The delivery note comprises two copies, one of which is retained by the person delivering the goods and the other by the warehouse manager.
The warehouse manager forwards a copy of the signed delivery note to the accounts payable clerk, who posts a journal entry to the creditor’s ledger for the amount shown on the delivery note. The clerk then stamps the delivery note ‘entered’ and files the delivery notes by the supplier.
Describe the strengths and weaknesses in Princeton’s internal control for the purchasing area.
How will your assessment of internal controls affect your audit approach for the client?
Please use Reference.
The course is Auditing. Because there is no option for Auditing, I chose General Business.

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