You are the president of a manufacturing company with 550 employees…

You are the president of a manufacturing company with 550 employees that has an excellent reputation in the small town in which you work. A newspaper reporter has discovered that two members of your top-level management team have been involved in buying illegal drugs on two occasions. Both employees have been with the company for more than seven years, and both have excellent work records and reputations in the community. You cannot afford to lose them.
The reporter has written a devastating story revealing all the details, has called on you to fire them immediately, and has given the story to the local television station. You have already received a call from the mayor to act responsibly with regard to the matter. More than 100 of your loyal and conscientious employees have e-mailed you, asking that you not fire the two employees and that, if you did fire them, they too would consider leaving the company.
Describe what you would do in such a situation, and explain why.

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