You are the property manager for a property at 14 Waverley Ave,…

You are the property manager for a property at 14 Waverley Ave, Springhills. The property is rented to Barbara Pakoulous who will shortly move in there with her young son, Billy. The landlord is Mr Robert Fillino, who has rented the property to other tenants previously. You are the property manager.

You are also the property manager for a property at 305 Sanderson Way, Fairyhills. This property is rented to Doug Sillint and the landlord is Mr Ian Hunters. You meet with the tenants on August 14, to complete a tenancy agreement.

summary which explains the rights and responsibilities of one of the tenants who are entering into a tenancy agreement at the two different properties listed above. Your summary should include a description about at least three rights and three responsibilities which apply to tenancies in your state or territory of operation

need to explain the rights and responsibilities which apply to their tenancy to them. You should use polite, clear communication skills and show how you would explain both rights and responsibilities to a new tenant before they move into a property.

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