You have prepared a radioactive solution of 32 P (T 1/2 =14.3 d) by…

You have prepared a radioactive solution of 32P (T1/2=14.3 d) by combination of three liquids: stock solution of radiotracer (32P-radiolabeled phosphoric acid, H332PO4), stock solution of nonradioactive carrier (0.01M H3PO4) and deionized water in 10-mL volumetric flask. Calculate:
Considering that the radiotracer stock H332PO4 is 43 days old (=3 half-lives), you added 0.25 mL spike to obtain 800Bq/mL solution. What was the purchased activity concentration (MBq/mL) and total activity (MBq) of the 5 mL ampoule of H332PO4?
To prepare 1×10-4 M solution of carrier, how many milliliters of the 0.01 M H3PO4 stock were added into 10 mL flask?

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